PVC Floor Covering Series-1

SKU: 979236
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Design Code: Dark Brown
Abrasion Class: 0.15mm
Width: 78.75"
Product Weight:0.3 lb / sq ft
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Pairing with a variety of decorating schemes, this contemporary flooring cover offers the modern appearance of floors. This Floor Covering features a lot of color hues that have a stone or wood appearance for a real look. At the same time, if you prefer PVC Floor Covering, you will have natural look at any project at an affordable price.

The reason why PVC coating is the most preferred product is its practical, easy application, long-lasting and economical features. Since these products are very durable, they are also highly demanded coating materials in commercial areas.

PVC Floor Covering Series-1 offers;

  • These PVC coating products, produced as rolls, have a width of 78.75" (2m).
  • Flexible roll products are laid on the floor and easily applied thanks to its PVC special adhesive.
  • The abrasion layers can be 0.15 mm thick or 0.70 depending on the model. They are very durable products.
  • They have thicknesses between 2 mm to 2.2 mm.

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