We can deliver your order to your address. Delivery is considered completed once the product has arrived at the delivery address. Some products require a vehicle like a forklift or pallet jack, depending on weight.

It is your responsibility to unload the products from the truck to the ground and transport them to your garage. Building materials are heavy and will require proper equipment or labor to accept goods on delivery. Please before your order is delivered you should have properly prepared for unload and carry.

In any case, we strongly recommend you prepare extra help on the delivery day to get the boxes from the pallets to your storage area. We do not offer the “Inside Delivery” which means the delivery driver will not be able to bring the material into your garage or storage area.

Upon delivery of your products, you are required to carry out an inspection of the products to ensure the goods delivered match your original order with us. You must inform us, prior to the installation, in case you notice any incorrect product, missing material (boxes), or any damage to your order within 10 days from the delivery date. We consider “Installation” as “Acceptance” hence no claims will be acknowledged once the products have been installed.

While we do understand that it is not always possible to carry out a detailed inspection of the material at the point of delivery, especially with a large order, we do encourage our customers to inform the delivery driver, at the time of delivery acceptance, of any noticeable/major damage to the material such as half/full broken pallet or damaged boxes inside the pallet. Upon notifying the driver, he would fill out the damage form and provide you with the damage reference number. We encourage you to take the picture of that damage form along with the damaged material. Once that is done, send those images and other information related to the damage to “sales@mayausatile.com” so that our resolution team can investigate it further and bring the best possible resolution for you as soon as possible. In case the damage is not realized at the time of accepting the delivery but is later found out, you must inform our customer service as soon as you notice it and send the images of the damaged boxes/materials to sales@mayausatile.com prior to installation. Issuing a full refund or a replacement for the damaged material will be at the discretion of Mayausatile.com. We analyze the situation on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances.

Kindly note that in the shipping of flooring materials, due to the fragile nature of the material, a minor level of breakage during transit is expected. Any breakage that is less than 5% of the overall square footage ordered will be considered a “Minor Damage” industry-wide. If the damage is more than 5%, it is considered a “Major Damage” and this is when our resolution team steps in to bring the best possible resolution to our customers. Any damage that is less than 5% of the overall order will not be eligible for a refund or replacement.

To ensure delivery can take place, please provide unrestricted, safe, and easy access and parking for the delivery vehicle at the point of delivery. If there is no one available at the Delivery Address to accept delivery, or there is limited access to the Delivery Address or it is unsafe or impractical to make a delivery, or for any other reason delivery cannot take place, you should redirect to another warehouse. In this case, you may be required to pay for the re-delivery fee.

Delivery dates are estimates only and although we will use its best endeavors to maintain these estimates, no liability is accepted for the delay from any cause whatsoever. Any failure on the part of Mayausatile.com to deliver within the time stated shall not entitle the buyer to repudiate the contract in whole or in part.

If you have any questions on the acceptance of the delivery, breakage, missing products, or incorrect products, submit an online inquiry from our “Contact US” section.