MSI Akoya İnterlocking Glass Mosaic Tile 12"x12"

This quantity requires Box(es) sq ft.
0.98 sqft per mesh. 10 meshes per box.
Product Weight:0.0 lb / sq ft
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Elevate your décor with a touch of modern elegance, courtesy of Akoya Interlocking Glass Mosaic Wall Tile. Embracing a 12"x12" mesh format, this exquisite creation from MSI showcases a seemingly random arrangement of crystallized glass tile strips, infusing your space with a chic and contemporary vibe. As the soft white glass comes to life, it effortlessly amplifies smaller expanses, creating an illusion of spaciousness, while its reflective qualities cast a luminous glow that brightens up the entire room.

The versatility of this mosaic knows no bounds, as it finds its perfect spot on both interior and exterior walls, gracefully complementing a myriad of installations. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of boundless possibilities, where every application is a testament to the artistry and sophistication of Akoya Interlocking Glass Mosaic Wall Tile.

Let your imagination run wild as you explore the depths of creativity, crafting stunning features that elevate your space into a haven of contemporary chic. Revel in the unique charm of this extraordinary masterpiece, where the interplay of light and texture dances in harmony, leaving a lasting impression on all who grace your realm.

With Akoya's exquisite design, every room becomes an artistic expression, every wall a canvas for your personal touch. Witness how modern styling blends seamlessly with timeless allure, and let this mosaic redefine your decor with its exceptional beauty and allure. It's time to embrace a new era of sophistication, where elegance meets innovation, and your space becomes an enchanting sanctuary of style.

MSI Akoya İnterlocking Glass Mosaic Tile 12"x12" offers;

  • This glass mosaic tile use for wall and backsplash..
  • There are 10 meshes per box.
  • We only select premium-grade tiles and never use anything with a lower grade or physical defect.
  • Tile size is pattern.
  • Mesh size is 12.00"x12.00" (Metric size is 30.48cmx30.48cm)
  • Thickness is 0.31" (Metric size is 7.87mm)
  • The surface finish is glossy.
  • Water absorption less than 0.5% for indoor and some outdoor use.
  • Suitable for use in kitchen, bathroom, office, restaurant, cafe work area and schools.
  • This is a GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified product.

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Product Specification

Application Wall Mesh Size 11.75"x12.00"
Color Anthracite Color Variation Moderate Variation(V1)
Mosaic Size Pattern Thickness (inch) 0.31"
Material Glass Country Of Origin N/A
Grade 1 Surface Finish Glossy
Mesh/Box 10 ft²/Mesh 0.98
ft²/Box 9.8 Box Weight (lb.) 37.9

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