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Malmo Glazed Porcelain Tile

$0.82 /sq ft

This is a large volume pricing. To order this item in smaller (pallet) quantities and please call us 1-201-204-9096 or send us an e-mail to




Malmo Glazed Porcelain Tile

Malmo Glazed Porcelain Tile comes in beige, brown and grey patterns and single firing. They can be used indoors or outdoors and also might be a floor tile or wall tile. Its matte finish provides a non-slippery surface.

Malmo Glazed Porcelain Tile offers you;

  • Color Body Porcelain Tiles: With smooth lines and a shimmering, varied color pattern, each tile comes together to create a sophisticated look and feel.
  • Color Shade Variation and Options: Shade Variation rating is V4. It means that very high shade and texture variation within each box.
  • Durability: Brown tile abrasion rating is P.E.I. 2. It means that suitable for regular foot traffic in residential spaces. Beige and Grey tiles abrasion rating are P.E.I. 3. It means that suitable for moderately heavy traffic area floors, like the entrance and the corridor.
  • Nanotech Porcelain Tile: Abrasion resistance value of Nanotech porcelain tiles < 175mm3 according to the standard TS-EN 14411.
  • Low Water Absorption Rate: Easy to clean and maintain, and have a < 0.05% water absorption rate.
  • Available Product Sizes:  6″x36″.
  • Installation: Malmo Glazed Porcelain Tile comes in with unrectified edges. You should make to symbol up and same direction when you make the installation for the minimum flaw. The installation will be a lot easier if you are dyer or if you have a contractor for your project. They will surely love this feature as well. Therefore, you can save time.
  • Surface Finish Variation: Matte.
  • Packaging Dimensions for 8”x48”: 48 boxes – 432 pieces in 1 pallet.

The Quality And Price You Want with Maya USA Tile;

Maya USA Tile helps you locate exceptional porcelain tiles by searching the globe for the best value at the right price for your home or office.  We work with leading manufacturers to secure the highest quality ceramic tile products.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 0.5 in
Surface Finish



Beige, Brown, Grey