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Carrara White Marble Facade – Polished

$2.23 /sq ft

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Our Carrara White Marble Facade – Polished offers a very unique product which has a hight variation of white color marble.

Carrara White Marble Facade – Polished offers you,

  • Contemporary elegance: an understated beautiful color range provide a trend with a luxury designer flair.
  • Original, unique appearance: no two natural stone tiles are alike, opening up design possibilities only limited by your imagination.
  • Premium grade Marble: Maya USA label represents only the best in natural stone.
  • Richly decorative, and evocative design effects.
  • Imperial grace of real marble surfaces quarried in Turkey by the experts.
  • Product variations: Tiles are different widths, lengths, and thicknesses. Wide variations are from 4″ to 6″. Length variations are from 6″ to 24″. Thickness variations are from 1/2″ to 1-1/4″.

In general, there are 2 measures that industry takes into consideration while grading travertine and other marble tiles. These are variation and density.

Our Carrara White Marble gets 5 out of 5 for variation that is high variation. For density, it gets 4 out of 5 that is good density.
  • Variation: 5/5
  • Density: 4/5
Variation is up to your taste but for density in general denser is better for longevity, stain resistance, and the wear-tear resistance. In general softer and more porous stones will require more maintenance. As you might know, porous stones absorption rate will be higher and they will stain a lot easier. On the other hand, you can always prevent this by using a heavy duty sealer but that will cost you more as well.
Maya USA recommends sealing your Carrara White Marble Facade – Polished. Because it is naturally porous and rapidly absorbs any spills across its surface.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 0.5 in
Surface Finish

Tile's Width


Tile's Length


Tile's Thickness

1/2"-1 1/4"